Fujifilm X100T Sample Images

First sample images of new Fujifilm X100T have been officially leaked on Fujifilm Global website. With an ultra-fast electronic shutter and an advanced hybrid viewfinder featuring real-time parallax correction and an electronic rangefinder, the Fujifilm X100T is really a premium large-sensor digital compact camera. The Fujifilm X100T is priced at $1299.95 and it will be released in Silver and all Black on November 30, 2014.

See Fujifilm X100T Sample Images below:

ISO 3200, 1/30sec, f/2.8
ISO 200, 1/500sec, f/8
ISO 200, 1/500sec, f/2
ISO 400, 1/450sec, f/5.6
ISO 1600, 1/8sec, f/8
ISO 250, 1/125sec, f/11