The First Sony a9 Reviews and Sample Images

Here are the first Sony a9 reviews and sample images roundup, check out!

First Sony a9 Reviews:

Sony A9 Review Part 2 – Revealing Photos + 4K & 120FPS Video (by Max Yuryev)

Sony a9 Review: Is the HYPE real? vs a7R II, Canon 1DX II, Nikon D5, D500 (by Tony & Chelsea Northrup)

Using The Sony A9 To Shoot A YouTube Episode (Hands-On) (by TheCameraStoreTV)

Sony A9 Review – A First Look at Sony’s Flagship Alpha Sports Camera (by Dan Watson)

In Depth Review in progress by CameraLabs:

The AF performance was tremendous, the burst speed impressive and the blackout-free viewfinder while slightly odd at first, quickly proved addictive. Here’s my experience.
I was also impressed by the speed at which the A9 locked-onto a subject and stuck with it. I shot over 8000 frames with the camera (on a single battery charge too, see photo below) and barely noticed it struggling at any point. But again this is the level of performance the camera needs if it’s going to compete with pro Canon and Nikon bodies.

Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II by DPReview:

The a9 is faster in all respects than the a7R II. Judging by our initial impressions, it should be a very capable tool for sports and action photography, certainly compared to its predecessor. Whether it can compete against the likes of Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II and the Nikon D5 is another matter of course, and we’ll be testing that soon enough.

A closer look at Sony a9 image quality and autofocus (by DPReview)

Of interest is an analysis of Raw noise vs the a7R II – we took a look at Raw files at ISO 25.6k files of the same scene run through dcraw. They indicate only a slight advantage (possibly within the margin of our error) to the a9 compared to the a7R II when viewed at common output size (SNR of 3.4 vs 3.7 between the a7R II and a9, respectively, for a similar patch). Physics predicts this: for two sensors of similar technology, it’s sensor size that matters (especially with gapless microlenses). Don’t expect less noise in Raw on the a9 in normalized comparisons against the a7R II. Images to come.

Sample Images:

Image samples at Dpreview.
Image samples at Imaging Resource.
Image samples at CameraJabber.
Image samples at PhotoGearNews.
Image samples at ThePhoBlographer.

The new Sony Alpha a9 full frame mirrorless camera and FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens are now available for pre-order at major US retailers:

Sony a9 body: $4,498 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Lens: $2,498 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

The Sony a9 accessories are also available for pre-order at Amazon US:

Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip for a9: $348 at Amazon.

Sony PCK-LG1 Screen Protect Glass Sheet: $29.99 at Amazon.

Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2280mAh): $78 at Amazon.

Sony GP-X1EM Grip Extension: $128 at Amazon.

Sony NPAMQZ1K Multi Battery Adaptor Kit: $398 at Amazon.

Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger: $88 at Amazon.

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