Canon Will Soon Add New Functionality to Canon EOS R via Firmware Update

Canon is palnning to add some new functionality to the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera via firmware update. The new firmware is expected to be released in October after the release of Canon EOS R.

What’s coming in the firmware?

  • Eye detect AF in continuous shooting. The EOS R launches with the ability to do this in one shot.
  • Additional touch bar functionality added.
  • Continuous shooting in silent shutter mode. The EOS R only allows this feature in single shot at launch.
  • A “few tweaks” to video functionality. The 4K crop will not be changed, nor will the maximum frame rate in 4K.
  • Bug fixes

And we expect to see more functionality added to the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera in the next several years.

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Via: CanonRumors