Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Finally Coming?

Today’s rumor is about the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS (PowerShot SX60 HS replacement)…

Speaking of the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS, that’s a long wait for lots of Canon fans. The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS was announced on September 15, 2014 (featureing a 65x optical zoom ), more than two-year old and Nikon COOLPIX P900 (with 83x Optical Zoom) is selling like hot cakes! – It’s time for Canon to announce the PowerShot SX60 HS replacement to compete with Nikon!

Canon already patented the 3.8-380mm f/2.3-7 lens and 3.6-255mm f/2.8-7 lens with built-in extender for a PowerShot camera. And The Canon PowerShot SX70 HS was supposed to be launched with a 100x optical zoom lens, as the company has patented such lens for cameras with 1/3.2-inch-type image sensors. The latest rumor mill said Canon will soon announce a new SX PowerShot camera, probably the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS.

Hope Canon can announce the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS camera ASAP!

Reminder: About Canon EOS 6D Mark II – The previous rumor is wrong (announcement on April 21), and Canon EOS 6D Mark II is still expected to be announced in late Q2 or early Q3 of 2017, probably in May/June.

Via: CanonRumors