Canon ME20F-SH Sample Movie (up to 4,000,000 ISO)

Canon recently announced the new Canon ME20F-SH 35mm Full-Frame Camera. The new Canon ME20F-SH features a full-HD 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor and it can record color images in near-complete darkness, while its cubic chassis can be placed unobtrusively on set or in the wild. While the sensor is only 2.2 megapixels (effective) in resolution, each pixel measures 19 microns, making it more than 7.5 times larger than an equivalent 18.1 megapixel 35mm full-frame sensor.

This special camera Canon ME20F-SH is capable of shooting at ISO 4,000,000 (10 times than recently announced Sony a7SII). Canon ME20F-SH camera is priced at $30,000, and will be available in December, 2015.

Canon Japan posted the sample video of Canon ME20F-SH camera. So you can see some great examples of what’s possible at such high ISO. Check below:

Canon ME20F-SH Sample Movie (up to 4,000,000 ISO)

Know more about the Canon ME20F-SH camera at B&H.

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