Canon is teasing a new product announcement for next week

Canon USA has teased a forthcoming product announcement scheduled for next week on X. However, the teaser surfaced on Saturday in the United States, leaving enthusiasts to ponder whether this unveiling will indeed take place within the current week, given today’s date standing at May 5th.

In the teaser image shared by Canon, a child is depicted holding what seems to be a camera, although only a fragment of the camera’s grip is discernible. Additionally, the front of the lens appears to have been deliberately obscured, leaving observers in suspense with no glimpse of specific details. Speculations arise regarding the possibility of the camera in the background being part of the XF series. This prompts curiosity regarding whether the long-rumored EOS R5 Mark II or another anticipated full-size model might make its debut amidst the announcement. Such conjecture adds an extra layer of intrigue to the forthcoming reveal, heightening the anticipation among enthusiasts eagerly awaiting Canon’s latest offering.

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