Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Will Be Called “EOS M1”?

The only confirmed thing is that Canon is actively working on a new full frame mirrorless camera and it is still undergoing lab tests and development. The upcoming Canon full frame mirrorless camera is expected to be EF mount and some sort of early prototype already existed although it never came out of Canon’s labs. The previous report said Canon’s goal is to announce a full frame mirrorless camera for Photokina 2018 which takes place in September of that year.

Today according to report from CanonRumors, the Canon full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be named “Canon EOS M1”. Of cource it is NOT confirmed by trusted sources. We know Nikon will announce a full frame mirrorless camera in the next several months, we can expect to see a Canon full frame mirrorless announcement after the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera announcement.

Canon started to take mirrorless seriously with the Canon EOS M5 ($929), and the sales of Canon EOS M series have grown 70% over the past year, so for Canon, launching a new full-frame mirrorless camera is really an important and a better choice. Hope Canon can announce a mirrorless like Sony a7RII ($2,698) or Sony a9 ($4,498).

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Via: CanonRumors