Canon EOS R7 C Plans Canceled?

Last year, our previous report indicated that Canon had plans to release a Canon EOS R7 C, an APS-C cinema camera, possibly in 2023. This was seen as an exciting new direction for Canon in the realm of cinema cameras. However, we have recently received information that the project was ultimately scrapped in late 2022.

One of our reliable sources suggested that Canon has decided to take a different direction and will not be utilizing the Canon EOS R7 as the base for their APS-C cinema camera body. While the specifics of this new direction remain unknown at the moment, we still believe that Canon has plans for an APS-C cinema shooter in their pipeline.

Canon Rumors, a well-known source for Canon-related news and rumors, has also reported on the cancellation of the EOS R7 C, which was previously rumored to be a credible option as per a CR3 report in July last year. It appears that the cancellation has indeed taken place, though it is unclear whether Canon will start from scratch or base their new APS-C cinema camera on a different existing model, perhaps with a Vlog-oriented concept similar to Sony’s ZV series, which lacks an electronic viewfinder.

In addition, there were rumors that Canon was planning to release an EOS R7 C, similar to the EOS R5 C, based on their existing mirrorless camera lineup. However, it appears that this plan has been cancelled, and the details of any potential replacement or alternative are yet to be confirmed. It will be interesting to see if Canon’s hybrid PHOTO & VIDEO cinema camera concept continues or if it will take a different direction after the cancellation of the R7 C project.

Despite the cancellation of the EOS R7 C project, rumors about Canon’s plans for an APS-C cinema shooter have persisted. It was previously rumored that the EOS R7 C would support 7K60p and be released in late 2023. While the cancellation of the project has raised questions about the specifics of Canon’s future plans, our source suggests that development of an APS-C cinema shooter is still underway, albeit with potential changes to the original concept.

In light of recent developments, it is evident that the “EOS R7 C”, which was anticipated as the younger sibling of the “EOS R5 C“, is unlikely to come to fruition. However, there have been hints of potential changes in Canon’s direction, such as the recent announcement of Sony’s full-size “VLOGCAM ZV-E1“. It is possible that Canon may be considering a new APS-C “EOS R” camera that follows a Vlog-oriented concept while inheriting the renowned quality of their cinema EOS lineup.

As further information becomes available, we will continue to keep our readers updated on the latest developments in Canon’s plans for an APS-C cinema camera.

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