Canon EOS R3 Sensor Resolution Would Be 24MP instead of 30MP?

Although Canon already released more details of the EOS R3 mirrorless camera on June 7, but Canon hasn’t officially confirmed the resolution of the Canon EOS R3. And lots of the Canon shooters want to know what the megapixel count of the Canon EOS R3 will be…

The Canon EOS R3’s sensor was initially said to have 30MP pixels, but now the Canon EOS R3 is in the hands of select professional photographers at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, and many people in and around the Tokyo games claim that the Canon EOS R3 sensor resolution is “closer to” or “around” 24MP, not the initially rumored 30.1MP.

On July 19 Techradar reported that the Canon EOS R3 is rumored to feature a 45MP sensor, just like the Canon EOS R5. But I don’t think most of us thought that one was accurate.

We know Canon is currently working their own image sensors for different resolutions: 24MP, 30MP and 45MP. Maybe Canon hasn’t decided which image sensor will use on the Canon EOS R3 and they are waiting for the professional feedback to decide on the sensor resolution. And we previously reported that the Canon EOS R3 sensor is Canon designed and manufactured.

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The Canon EOS R3 is scheduled to be officially announced sometime in September 2021.

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