Canon EOS R1 Will Not Appear until the second half of 2023

A retailer said the Canon EOS R1 will NOT appear until the second half of 2023. You shouldn’t expect this camera to be “coming soon”.

This isn’t all that surprising, as Canon and other manufacturers are still suffering from inventory shortages. In addition, Canon seems to want to further enhance the lens lineup before the EOS R1.

Certainly, the supply shortage of various products continues, and it seems that it is too early to introduce a professional model that can quickly supply alternative machines. It is natural to think that the expansion of RF lenses is the first priority while responding to the demand for various new products such as the EOS R3. I’m wondering if it will be a high-pixel sports type camera like the leading Sony a1 and Nikon Z9.

Since the supply of the EOS R3 has been in short supply since its launch, Canon may want to release the EOS R1 after a stable supply is expected to some extent.

Currently, it seems that the EOS R7 is also in short supply, so it may be better not to expect much of the new model to be introduced at a fast pace.

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