Canon EOS C500 Mark II Cinema Camera is on the Way!

We have heard several times in the past few years that Canon is planning to release an 8K camcorder, and in September 2015 Canon announced that they are developing a 120MP DSLR Camera, a Cinema EOS System 8K camera and professional-use 8K reference display.

The latest rumor suggests that Canon is working on the Canon EOS C500 Mark II cinema camera which will be the highest resolution video camera in the lineup. 6K or 8K, we are not sure at the time of writing. The old Canon EOS C500 cinema camera was announced in August 2012 and it is now listed as no longer available at B&H. So we expect Canon will announce the EOS C500 Mark II camcorder in the next few months.

Aimed at professionals broadcasters and movie-makers, the current Canon EOS C300 Mark II is a really hot cinema camcorder with 4K video recording support and 15-stop dynamic range. Now the Canon EOS C300 Mark II is on sale ($6,000 off) at B&H for $9,999, so we expect the price of EOS C500 Mark II will be around $15,000.

So, as a video enthusiast, what do you expect from the Canon EOS C500 Mark II?

Via: CanonRumors