Canon EOS 90D’s 32.5MP APS-C Sensor Has Better Dynamic Range than EOS 80D

Cgarcia at the forum has done some tests on dynamic range from Canon EOS 90D‘s new 32.5MP APS-C image sensor. He used the sample images from DPReview and compared to the EOS 80D at base ISO’s, the results showed the Canon EOS 90D has a small improvement in dynamic range than the EOS 80D.

Canon EOS 90D ISO 100:

  • DR at 32MP: 12.468
  • DR at 8MP: 13.480 (+1.012)
  • Read noise: 2.80125

Canon EOS 80D ISO 100:

  • DR at 24MP: 12.435 EV
  • DR at 8MP: 13.2343 (+0.7993)
  • Read noise: 2.86601

In addition, the Canon EOS 90D‘s new 32.5MP APS-C Sensor has much better dynamic range performance at higher ISO than the Canon EOS 80D’s 24MP image sensor. And there will definitely be a lot more analysis of the Canon EOS 90D new 32.5MP sensor. Stay with us to get the latest info.

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Via: Fredmiranda, CR