Canon EOS 90D & EOS M5 Mark II Coming in 2019?

The latest rumor around the web suggests Canon will announce a new “mid-level” DSLR camera (Canon EOS 90D) and Canon EOS M5 Mark II mirrorless camera in 2019.

The new Canon “mid-level” DSLR camera will be EOS 90D, the replacement to the EOS 80D, not the Canon EOS 7D Mark III (7D Mark II replacement). The previous report said the Canon EOS 80D replacement and EOS 7D Mark II replacement could be amalgamated into one body.

In addition, Canon is rumored to announce the EOS M5 Mark II mirrorless camera to replace the current EOS M5 model in 2019. This Canon EOS M5 Mark II will feature an all-new 24mp sensor and would put a larger gap in features between the top of the EOS M lineup and the EOS M50. Currently, the detailed information is still unknown.

So, 2019 will be a pretty busy year for Canon. Canon will also announce a new APS-C RF-mount mirrorless camera and several new RF-mount lenses in 2019.

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Via: CanonRumors