Canon EOS 6D Listed As Discontinued At Amazon UK

Amazon UK has listed Canon EOS 6D full frame DSLR camera by manufacturer, although the camera is still available for order from third part sellers. So, what does it mean…

Canon EOS 6D Mark II is coming, I think.

According to the rumors, Canon EOS 6D Mark II will be announced in 2015, and it will feature Dual Pixel AF.

Also, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, the successor of Canon EOS 6D, will be more expensive than the 6D. The price of new announced 7D Mark II is similar to the current 6D. The next iteration of Canon EOS 6D is likely to move upmarket in features and pricing.

Post-purchase rebate: Save $200, Canon EOS 6D is available at Amazon for $1,699.


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