Canon to Bring 8K Cameras and 8K Displays at NAB 2016

The 2016 NAB Show is on the way, this event is scheduled to begin on April 16 for press folks, while regular visitors can check out the latest videography products as of April 18. The exhibition will be located at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recently, the NAB Hub had a short interview with Tim Smith, the Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production at Canon. And he said we should expect to see “low cost, high quality offerings”, plus a “surprise” from Canon along with working 8K cameras and 8K displays at NAB 2016.

Q: What products/services will your company be showcasing?

A: We will be showing not only our existing product line, with a few surprises, but we will also be showing working 8K cameras and 8K displays that look into the future of production.

Maybe this new 8K camera will be the long rumored EOS C500 successor (EOS C500 Mark II).

Or, maybe not.

Stay tuned for more info. You can read the full interview at NAB Hub.

via: CanonRumors

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