Another Nikon F to Sony E Autofocus Adapter in Development, First Video Test!

Xitek Forum leaked some info about a new PDAF compatible Nikon F to Sony FE autofocus adapter. This would be the second adapter after the Commlite adapter. The first video test shows that this version has very good performance and it focus much faster compared to the Commlite adapter. This new Nikon F to Sony E Autofocus Adapter is in production, but the annnouncement date is still unknown. Here are the details:

1. Engineering prototype demonstration.
2. AF-S lens support only, for now.
3. Fast full range PDAF on Sony A7R II, good CBAF speed on A7R II
4. The status of the project can be tracked here (Google translation)

Here is a demo video of a prototype adapter:

via: SonyAlphaRumors, NikonRumors

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