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Rumor: Fujifilm Working on the Ultimate APS-C X-Trans Camera ($5000)

I just wonder to know: what’s your feeling if you hear that Fujifilm is working on the ultimate APS-C X-Trans X-series camera that will cost around $5000. And this is the big rumor today.

Fuji manager recently said:

“when we announce our new telephoto prime [in 2018] we also need a higher performance body”

So, what does that means?

According to the report from Fujirumors, Fujifilm is working on the ultimate APS-C X-Trans X-series camera that will cost around $5000. This high end Fuji APS-C X-Trans camera will be placed above the current Fujifilm X-T2 ($1,599) and Fujifilm X-Pro2 ($1,699) mirrorless camera (maybe it is the rumored Fujifilm X-T3). Designed for professional sports and action photographers, this new ultimate Fuji APS-C X-Trans X-series camera will feature maximum autofocus speed. And 2018 is indeed a year in which Fujifilm may choose to release such a camera. But the question is: for most photographers it is really hard to spend $5000 on an APS-C format mirrorless camera, will you? What do you think about this?

I have to mention that this is just a rumor, none is confirmed anyway so it’s best to take reports with a pinch of salt.

New Fujifilm Products:

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Fujifilm X-T20: $899 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

Fujifilm X100F: $1,299 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

Fujifilm XF 50mm f/2 R WR Lens: $449 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

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Via: FujiRumors, MirrorlessRumors.

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  • Ayatollyahso

    While I’m glad technology pushes forward. Any camera (tool) costing that much has ALOT to justify. Even a full time working pro has to consider how many images he has to sell to pay for his $10,000 600 f4. The returns don’t always justify the investment. If you just want to blow money on toys; that’s entirely up to you (rich hobbyists). The quality of todays $2,000-$3,000 bodies is so high; I don’t think anybody can justify even the $5-6 k of top of the line nikons& canons.and I know that’s dirt cheap compared to cinema gear..

  • Marianne Grimont

    And working on high iso will be great ! With better high iso, we need no Canon, and no Nikon ! Fuji will be the leader.

  • Troy Phillips

    A $3500 apsc pro body will sell. Will this new camera have an X trans sensor? Guess it would. How many mp will it have? I think it should have 24 or no less than 20. But in lower light and higher ISOs it can’t loose to much resolution when cropped. The d500 does pretty quick with higher ISOs . It’ll need to be super weather sealed . The buffer will be big and the processor will be better of course. Probably the same one that’ll go into the version of the GFX. FPS will be smokin.
    Fuji is pushing things , I shoot Nikon and want to switch. Might soon let’s see where each company is going in the next year or so.

    • John A. Lever

      D500, $2K. Fujifilm is pricing themselves out of the market. Been shooting Fuji for the last year, and dragged out my old D300 for the 80-400 lens. Now I’m shooting more Nikon.

      • Troy Phillips

        I have the d500 , I love this camera.
        I find myself using it over my d810 as my go to camera. I shoot live music and the speed and low light capabilities of this body are a joy to use. I even find myself taking it to shoot landscape/nature. Not that it gives a better quality picture but for its handling.
        That being said , several months before the X-T2 came out a professional action sports photographer told me to get the X-T2 over the d500 for what I do. For several months I tussled at which one to get. I finally got the d500 because I had many highend Nikon mount lenses.
        Longer story shortened is I wish I’d have gotten the Fujifilm X-T2. And the main reason is the ability to have Phase dect af on the rear tilting LCD screen. Then there is the autofocus of DSLRs compared to mirrorless. From everything I’ve read I’ve come to believe af accuracy is just inherently better on the Mirrorless system.
        If Fuji does an apsc with a build close to the Nikon d5 and even tweets their X-Trans sensor/processor combo. Then gets the video portion dialed in for better af tracking and a few other pro quality attributes. I’d pay $3500 or more for it. Guess that would be in the $5k range though.
        This might push me to sell my Nikon gear. Right now I’m kinda waiting to see where Nikon is going with their Mirrorless in the future. In just not betting they will keep up with Fuji at this point.
        Fuji if your reading these remarks please stay with being “the peoples camera company ”
        That could even be your new slogan. Your definitely converting tons of Nikon and Canon DSLR users.

        • John A. Lever

          I’m on the D300 for acquisition time (sailing photos) and cost. The 80-400 isn’t a pro lens, but I don’t have $2k lying around for the Fuji telephoto. I shot two regattas with an Oly m4/3. Passable, but not a reflex by any means.


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